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Welcome to Cedar City, Gateway to the National Parks. This presentation has been prepared to give you a brief overview of the City, its history, layout, attractions and amenities. The history of Cedar City is a story of challenges, determination and adventure. Originally known as Little Muddy, Cedar City was founded by Mormon Settlers in 1851. An Abundance of Iron Deposits attracted these hardy Pioneers. Within months of their arrival they were producing the first Iron west of Missouri. Despite their success; floods, furnace problems, and complications with local Indians led to the abandonment of mining efforts. Even so, the community continued to grow.

In 1897 the Utah Legislature approved a school of higher learning in the area. After holding classes in a community building for 2 months. The Attorney General informed the locals that in order for the school to continue, they must build the school on the land deeded from the State. All this must be done in a few short months. Disappointed, and despite the approaching winter, the people of Cedar City worked vigorously, often risking their lives, to complete the building on time.

The Union Pacific Railroad reached the area in 1923, providing an outlet for local products, as well as opening this spectacular Region to world-wide visitors. Many Buildings still remain from this early era. One of the most familiar, the Rock Church, was built by volunteers in 1922. The College eventually developed a 4 year program, and later attained University status, making it home to over 6000 students.

In Contrast to the transportation methods of the early settlers, travelers today have direct access to the city via Interstate 15. This major route links Cedar City within a days drive of most of the Western United States. Its Municipal Airport, second largest in the State, makes air travel a convenient option with regular Delta Connections.

What attracts people to Cedar City today? The Utah Shakespearean Festival, recent winner of the Tony Award, features a variety of Plays, annually, during the summer months. The Iron Mission State Park Museum illustrates the lives of settlers with remarkable vividness.

Within minutes of town are: Cedar Breaks National Monument, Alpine Meadows and Forest, and a major Ski Resort. And just a short drive from town brings you to Great Basin, Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, as well as the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Cedar City's central location makes it an ideal base for excursions to these spectacular destinations.

Let's take a closer look at the City layout. Interstate 15 provides access to the City, from the North and the South, with 3 local Exits. Highway 14 gives direct access the beautiful canyons, high mountains and many of the National Parks.

Central to this City is Southern Utah University, the active academic Campus and stage for the Utah Shakespearean Festival. Motels, Inns, and Bed and Breakfast facilities abound in this area for visitors to the Festival. Adjacent to SUU is Cedar City's Historic Downtown. featuring parks, historic buildings, unique widow shopping, and soon a modern theatre and parking facility. Due west of Interstate 15 is the area's gowning Industrial area, which has attracted the attention of major corporations in recent years. Nearby is the City Airport, well within a mile of downtown, the Festival and most accommodations.

Subdivisions are expanding city wide. One of the fastest growing is Fiddlers Canyon on the north end of town. The Leigh Hill subdivision offer fantastic views of the City and surrounding mountains. And To the south are rapidly expanding commercial districts, featuring much of the cities shopping, dining and entertainment. Dining and accommodations abound throughout the city particularly near the I-15 exits, and the center of town. many of these services are within easy walking distance.

Cedar City with its rich history and culture, attracts millions of visitors each year. We invite you to discover for yourself this dynamic City and amazing surroundings.

Cedar City Gateway to the National Parks.

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